"these guys are awesome. I've made several purchases with them (wii, ps3 etc) and they are always really knowledgeable and helpful. The ps3 I bought ended up being defective and even though I was past the 7 day store warranty they still took it back and refunded me because they didn't have any more ps3's to replace it with. They are always my go too when searching for 'used' items."

"I purchased my laptop there a few months ago and was extremely happy with the staff. They were very kind and helped explain how the Apple operating system worked, which was important since I had never used an Apple computer. They also have good prices on new and used power tools and always have something in that I can use. Their prices for selling is fair and a lot better than some of the local competitors, I only pawned 1 item and their interest rate and payment options were very reasonable. Overall all I think this is the best pawn shop in town, the only downside is it can sometimes be hard to find parking, other than that an awesome store and staff."


We have a large variety of quality used merchandise for sale. Gold and Silver Jewelry, Laptops, Flat Screen TVs, Game Systems and Games, Musical Instruments, Tools, Blu-Rays DVDs, Stereos, and much more. Our inventory is always changing so come on in and take a look. We accept debit and credit on purchases and have a 30-day layaway plan with 20% down.

A Pawn is a short-term loan using your merchandise as collateral. The loan can be as small as $10.00 and as large as $10,000.00. It is a 30-day loan agreement which can be renewed by paying the monthly finance charge. If the pawner is unable to renew or redeem the loan after an additional 30-day holding period, the pawnbroker assumes title and ownership of the merchandise pawned. The pawnbroker may sell the merchandise or dispose of it in any manner he deems fit.

Gold Rush II collects non-public personal information about you as a consumer, customer or former customer from the following sources:

    • Information we receive from you on our pawn forms,          purchase and sales documents or other forms.

    • Information about your transactions with us.

We are required by law to report all pawns and purchases to the local police department every day. We do not disclose any non-public personal information about our customers or former customers except as required by law.

Your merchandise is evaluated in much the same way as if you were pawning it. The difference here is that the merchandise is being sold outright to us and will be put out for sale.
    We Buy Gold, Silver, and Platinum Jewelry, coins, bars, rounds, broken Jewelry. We also buy Laptops, TVs, Games Systems, Musical Instruments, Tools and more. 


"Very nice customer service clean fast friendly really nice store with a large selection. Would go back again and would recommend to everyone."

Customer Privacy:


"The staff and shop have totally removed the stigma of a pawn shop. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and have integrity. I have made many purchases there including but not limited to t.v's, tools, camera's games for systems, jewelry, guitars and other instruments. I only had 1 piece malfunction and they immediately took care of it.On the other end in a tight pinch they have always been able to help me out. I can not say enough positive comments to do them justice. Honorable people in a sometimes difficult spot. You can always trust them."


Call or Text: 217-355-0010 Hours: Monday-Friday 10am - 5pm Saturday 10am - 3pm CLOSED Sunday 

Pawn (Collateral Loan):

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Gold Rush II

"Good service all around I didn't have to negotiate for a higher they gave me top dollar for my ring. Best pawn shop in town****"

"Great establishment run by honest and caring people! Love it!!"